Monday, April 28, 2008

Why on earth?

Everyone has those moments where you realize at some point along the road, what did I get myself into? What on earth was I thinking?! What possessed me to get involved with this?!

Something I've never done before would be to assist the hospital at which I work to completely convert from their old data entry system/assessment/patient care access ("computer system") into a completely new one. All departments from nursing to pharmacy, admissions to morgue, inpatient, outpatient, everything. What was I thinking?

Go live for this project is scheduled for May 1. It was brought to our attention last week that this coincides with "Mayday!!" All I can picture is Leslie Nielsen and Robert Hayes in the movie Airplane.

The biggest drag is that I visited the closeout sale at my LYS and all that luscious yarn (that was a steal!!) is calling me. Knitting? Needles? Right now it's all collecting dust. And making me irritable.

So no pictures, this post is probably something I don't have time to do right now, and I'm sure no knitting until at least May 15, when our mandatory 24/7 support for this conversion ends.