Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thoughts on increasing stash

This is a fun little bag that I knit out of "Straw into Gold" that ended up being kind of fun. I didn't really use a pattern other than to get the general direction to knit in. It's got fringe at the top which was fun.

I have visions of this blue colorway miraculously turning itself into 3 pairs of fun slipper socks but think the project might be too much for me. We'll see...

These are some photos from a "take" at a going out of business (again) yarn sale. When I got home, all I could envision was the way our dog used to roll around in the grass just because. I had a few mental vacations of doing the exact thing in the new yarn.

This is one of the new yarns last night. It's 3 times the size now and might grow into a Christmas gift. Act surprised if you see it again... jk. Fun to knit with, it's Karabella Festival.

Finally, the gator scarf from Morehouse Merino. Fun knit.

Happy Election Day.