Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bring on the cool weather!

Ahh, completion!!!

The sweater is finished. Now if it was only cold enough, or cool enough, to try it on without breaking into a sweat! I really like the neck that I was so fearful about.

I understand that casting on a lot of projects before finishing those already started is sometimes a sign of creativity. I completely agree, for most people. But I think I have self-diagnosed knitting ADD. I can complete 2 rows of a project that I really like (you can read obviously not my socks in progress) and already be thinking, I would really like to work on _______ now instead. And if there isn't something in mind already, or if I have already picked up the three projects already on the needles and knitted two rows, I am nearly driven to start something else. And I can't affix a positive label like creativity to this. Most often I resist. Although, mostly I barely have the time to sit long enough to knit two rows. on any project!!

I can only imagine what would happen if I actually picked up that cashmere yarn I daydream about. I'll bet I wouldn't put that down!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Knitting in Heaven

Okay, the prompting for this post is that it is about 86 degrees with high humidity and I have been seaming a sweater...

In heaven, there will be a ski lodge type building for knitters. Rustic, country, huge windows from floor to ceiling. Fireplace open on 4 sides, blazing fire. There will be varying degrees of chilly-ness. Perfect for knitting with wool. Perfect to bundle up in that cozy throw. Perfect motivation to finish that wool sweater.

Did I mention that it is 86 degrees? Did I mention that it is the first day of autumn and I am resisting turning the air conditioning back on? I realize I choose to live in Pennsylvania, where it is not uncommon to have heat and air conditioning running in the same 24 hours period of time.

Back to the lodge ... a perfect assortment of couches and chairs. Footstools to prop work up on. Plenty of end tables to hold books, patterns and the occasional beverage. The view out the window is, what else? Beautiful snow. Snowflakes, evergreen trees with snow laden branches. A cardinal sitting on a limb. Knitters everywhere. None of us are sweating. I haven't quite worked Jesus into the scene, but I'm sure he is knitting. Or coaching knitters. Or perhaps creating a multi-colored sheep that you can pluck an end of yarn from and knit right from the animal. (humor me, it's my fantasy and God can do whatever he wants with the sheep) Maybe the sheep could double as the end tables?

Ahh, knitting in heaven.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LYS visit

Finally got to a LYS Lambs Wool that is only 20 minutes from my home but I'd never been there before. There was more yarn in one building than I'd ever seen before in one place. I'm sorry, S..., even your stash didn't have quite this much. Although if you were hiding a bunch somewhere, well, then maybe...

And actually I didn't purchase anything. I hope that wasn't a crime or anything. I guess I really should have picked up something as "rent" for all the wool I ran my fingers through and daydreamed about.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Project updates

This is the lace table runner "South Seas Table Runner" in KnitPicks ShineSport. It's cotton, fun to knit with, and the lacy pattern is super easy - a 4 row repeat. I hear blocking does wonders for lace so I'm anticipating liking this even more when it's done! Currently it's just over half way. That is a 9 inch dpn next to it to give an idea of size. Supposed to be 13 x 24 when complete.

Here are Jess's fingerless gloves. The ends sewed in... okay. I am pleased enough.
Here is how they look on. This pattern is modified from "Weekend Knitting" - I didn't like the garter stitch cuffs and prefer a rib. I'm glad I changed it. I think the fit is better this way.
This was a fit of "I need to finish something and avoid the socks". It is a kitten cloth, about 8 inches square, out of two strands of 100% cotton chenille is a very pale pink. I got the yarn on ebay and learned a very important lesson that if it doesn't say from a smoke free home, it isn't. Some febreeze, a ziplock bag with a dryer sheet in it, finished off with some sunshine has worked magic. Seriously you would never know. Thought the cat pattern was cute; also have a moose pattern to try but I don't think I'll like it in pale pink... Moose deserve better than that!
And lastly, here is our geriatric dog Luther. His thrills in life are knocking over the trash can and eating dog bones. He is deaf and blind and almost 14. Wow.
Back to knitting. I've got the bug! And I may start something else (my startitis is a real problem) to avoid those dreaded socks!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

So did people knit in the Bible?

I wonder about Old Testament knitting.

David writes in Ps 139 about being "knit together". I wonder if his great-grandmother Ruth learned to knit?

Looks like God also knew how to knit -- and doesn't that just make every modern-day Christian knitter smile!! -- as if creating David wasn't enough, apparently David and his buddy Jonathan were "knit together" on a soul-level. Picturing a finished knitted piece, it just speaks volumes on what a friendship can look like.

New Testament has less references, but Col 2:2 talks about being knit together in love. How cool is that? Makes me want to go knit a friendship shawl. Also makes me want to go buy that cashmere yarn at the LYS down the road!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"

Ah, back to school. The season triggers memories of nervously getting off the school bus. New lunch boxes. (I remember having an Emergency 51 lunch box once. Also Adam 12. And either the Partridge Family or the Monkees, I'm not sure)

Now my kids are nervous and I am considering what LYS to visit first!

But on to other things. And projects: the sweater is blocked, the fingerless mitts - one set completed, the other awaiting a compassionate knitting pal's assistance, the socks, all 2 inches of them, are about to be stuffed into an envelope and mailed somewhere. Anywhere. The box is felted. I did start a "South Seas Table Runner" while on vacation and that's maybe 1/3 done. It's a lacy type pattern that makes big holes! So my UFO list is still pretty much unchanged. I wish it was easier to finish something than to cast on something else.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor day should mean lots of knitting!

Wishing all my fellow knitters time today for a lot of knitting.