Friday, September 14, 2007

Project updates

This is the lace table runner "South Seas Table Runner" in KnitPicks ShineSport. It's cotton, fun to knit with, and the lacy pattern is super easy - a 4 row repeat. I hear blocking does wonders for lace so I'm anticipating liking this even more when it's done! Currently it's just over half way. That is a 9 inch dpn next to it to give an idea of size. Supposed to be 13 x 24 when complete.

Here are Jess's fingerless gloves. The ends sewed in... okay. I am pleased enough.
Here is how they look on. This pattern is modified from "Weekend Knitting" - I didn't like the garter stitch cuffs and prefer a rib. I'm glad I changed it. I think the fit is better this way.
This was a fit of "I need to finish something and avoid the socks". It is a kitten cloth, about 8 inches square, out of two strands of 100% cotton chenille is a very pale pink. I got the yarn on ebay and learned a very important lesson that if it doesn't say from a smoke free home, it isn't. Some febreeze, a ziplock bag with a dryer sheet in it, finished off with some sunshine has worked magic. Seriously you would never know. Thought the cat pattern was cute; also have a moose pattern to try but I don't think I'll like it in pale pink... Moose deserve better than that!
And lastly, here is our geriatric dog Luther. His thrills in life are knocking over the trash can and eating dog bones. He is deaf and blind and almost 14. Wow.
Back to knitting. I've got the bug! And I may start something else (my startitis is a real problem) to avoid those dreaded socks!

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