Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bring on the cool weather!

Ahh, completion!!!

The sweater is finished. Now if it was only cold enough, or cool enough, to try it on without breaking into a sweat! I really like the neck that I was so fearful about.

I understand that casting on a lot of projects before finishing those already started is sometimes a sign of creativity. I completely agree, for most people. But I think I have self-diagnosed knitting ADD. I can complete 2 rows of a project that I really like (you can read obviously not my socks in progress) and already be thinking, I would really like to work on _______ now instead. And if there isn't something in mind already, or if I have already picked up the three projects already on the needles and knitted two rows, I am nearly driven to start something else. And I can't affix a positive label like creativity to this. Most often I resist. Although, mostly I barely have the time to sit long enough to knit two rows. on any project!!

I can only imagine what would happen if I actually picked up that cashmere yarn I daydream about. I'll bet I wouldn't put that down!


Eileen said...

The sweater is very pretty!

You can come here and try it on. We're having some nice fall weather here in Wisconsin.

Dale said...

Very nice looking sweater!

Chris said...

Love that sweater. What is the yarn? Will be posting pics of Myrtle Beach Yarn Shop later in the week. Just got home