Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Thank you for your words of encouragement. It's kind of like labor, making a sweater, I think. Now that one is done, I'm actually thinking about maybe... someday... "having another". Of course, since the last one did actually take me 9 months to knit, by the time I'd be done it would be hot again. Need to plan better. Or knit more.

I look forward to some photos of the yarn store in Myrtle Beach that I didn't make it to. Thank you in advance for my vicarious visit there!

I have a mistake (dropped stitch) in my sock and I'm seriously considering abandonment. And possibly destruction. I think I dropped the stitch doing the lace pattern so I can't even just go back and catch it. sigh.

Happy knitting!

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Suzanne said...

Now is the perfect time to start another sweater, strike while the iron is hot! You could always make a nice short sleeved one for spring. Or, you could plan to take a trip to the Southern Hemisphere during next summer when it would be their winter. The possibilities are endless!