Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Riley's Bear Hat

My very good and longstanding friend has her first grandchild. Never mind that Riley is now almost 4 months old. This pattern came from Knitting to Go and knitted up quite nicely. But I thought it was missing something.

So I added the little tuft on his head, knotted securely. I think it gives him some fun. The eyes don't show up well but are duplicate stitched in.
Here is a set of "wristers" or whatever. My oldest girl has been wearing them to school but traded them in on a costume for Halloween today. It's the only reason they're photographed. Pattern from "Weekend Knitting".
And here is the dreaded sock. I'm on the foot, probably mid-way through the decrease on the instep. It's not doing much for me but I want to finish one of them and then find a one-legged friend to give it to.
Here is the annual parade of pumpkins. I free-handed a moose well, okay, I had a photo of one and enlarged and copied it, but with my hand. Craig carved. I think it is just darling. Might become a Halloween pumpkin tradition.
Happy Halloween!

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Dale said...

I love the bear hat. Cute!