Friday, September 21, 2007

Knitting in Heaven

Okay, the prompting for this post is that it is about 86 degrees with high humidity and I have been seaming a sweater...

In heaven, there will be a ski lodge type building for knitters. Rustic, country, huge windows from floor to ceiling. Fireplace open on 4 sides, blazing fire. There will be varying degrees of chilly-ness. Perfect for knitting with wool. Perfect to bundle up in that cozy throw. Perfect motivation to finish that wool sweater.

Did I mention that it is 86 degrees? Did I mention that it is the first day of autumn and I am resisting turning the air conditioning back on? I realize I choose to live in Pennsylvania, where it is not uncommon to have heat and air conditioning running in the same 24 hours period of time.

Back to the lodge ... a perfect assortment of couches and chairs. Footstools to prop work up on. Plenty of end tables to hold books, patterns and the occasional beverage. The view out the window is, what else? Beautiful snow. Snowflakes, evergreen trees with snow laden branches. A cardinal sitting on a limb. Knitters everywhere. None of us are sweating. I haven't quite worked Jesus into the scene, but I'm sure he is knitting. Or coaching knitters. Or perhaps creating a multi-colored sheep that you can pluck an end of yarn from and knit right from the animal. (humor me, it's my fantasy and God can do whatever he wants with the sheep) Maybe the sheep could double as the end tables?

Ahh, knitting in heaven.


Chris said...

Kinda like living in NE Ohio. Why last year we had 80 degree weather, a tornado, an earthquake and a snowstorm all in the same week. Can you identify?

Eileen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

You asked about my kitty dishcloth - no it is not chenille, just your basic Sugar & Cream from Hobby Lobby. :-) I see you made one too, in chenille. Looks nice!