Monday, January 7, 2008

A Mistake I won't make Again!

I did something really stupid. I knitted a ... well, what I thought was a very nice Fair Isle wine bottle cozy. It kind of got renamed to a Stoli cozy because I stashed a bottle of Stolichnaya vodka inside for my mother in law for Christmas.

The mistake, you ask? Because it sounds like a "win" all around so far. Simple - I forgot to take a picture of it!!! It was light blue with rose and green and gold. And some burgundy. But it is only a memory right now. It was ribbed at the top, with eyelet for the burgundy cord.

I realized it right after I gave it to her and have been considering stealthy ways to perhaps capture the item on digital camera. I'm still working on it and welcome any suggestions!!

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Suzanne said...

I never commented on this before this to say that that is an awesome set of analogies! I see a worshop in your future for the equipping series at church?