Saturday, January 10, 2009

an excerpt on childhood cancer from Devin Reid

... who passed away this past week.

I never met this man, who was 19, but wow, did he live life!!!

After starting the bulk of my book I have realized, Wow! This is not going to be easy. Having to relive some of these days, not fun, it scares me, this is not in anyway a fun story. On this very personal level I have become attached to and I believe all who have had cancer the all of the cancer patients I have met. Their pain is my pain. There deaths are a {burden?} on my soul, never forget. But it is good to know that when I think of them and reminisce about them all I see is smiles, beautiful and everlasting smiles. If this was in writing…there would be tears on this page. Lives taken, friends….Lost. I guess, anyone of those people could have been me. Their deaths were not due to there lack of passion, or strength, or will to live. They were all fighters, fighters in a war that was to big for their age, but that didn’t stop any of them, if anything, that is what made us strong. When common sense and logic say NO but you say YES, physically, mentally, and spiritually, with all your heart, and all your soul.That is what made things hard, not just for the teenagers, but the younger ones as well. The death of friends. After a while it becomes harder and harder to get too close to the newer people, you know what can happen, what has happened, but eventually, like always, you open up to those people and form bonds with them because you need them, just as much as they need you. And after all of those deaths, and sacrifices, a new death, the death of another friend, it hits you just as hard as it did the first time. That is why I hate going back to New York, to the Ronald McDonald House, not because of the smells, or the wind, or the way {finish this sentence}. But because when you go back, you find out who’s not there. Please say a prayer for all.

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