Monday, November 26, 2007

Not what I had originally intended

Okay, like many knitting projects, I'm coming to find, these booties started off with another destination in mind. They were supposed to be Ugg type. The pattern was cute, from knitty gritty or DIY, and called for yarn I wasn't willing to pay for. So the substitution began, and so did the frogging. I completely finished the boot once, ripped it out completely. Then the sole arrived again, was ripped back to a reasonable size for a 4 month old rather than my 23 year old son, and then the uppers... Without exaggerating, I suppose it's seen 6 revisions. Anyway, I'm pleased enough with the results, but they look more like Indian moccasins than the boots they started out to be.

My niece's son I'm sure could care less. And my niece will most likely never miss the Ugg's they could have been.

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LeAnn said...

I think these are just as cute as can be. I actually just ran across this pattern today and thought they'd be cute to make for my brand new nephew. We'll see. I've got too many things going as it is.