Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dancing with the Angels

Just wanted to share another blog story about a beautiful little girl named Ellie. Her mother has been sharing the incredible journey of their daughter's life with Neuroblastoma, since September 2006. She is, as her mom said, Dancing with the Angels tonight. The host of the knitting group I've attended knitted for Ellie.

She leaves behind a family who is hurting but hopeful - they know they will be reunited with her, and that her pain and suffering is over. She has a little brother Ethan who will certainly miss her.

Just wanted to share. It's too important. Hug your kids, tell your spouse they are loved. Pray for Ellie's grieving family.

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Chris said...

went to blog and left my condolences. I lost a 21 year old son almost 15 years ago. So hard to lose a child. Hugs and prayers for all.