Monday, August 13, 2007

Mild Panic Sets In!

I've heard about knitters being very irrational and highly upset if they lose a knitting needle. I understand there is an attachment to them, not to mention they are usually lost while in mid-project. I didn't get it, I mean, it's just a needle. No big deal. Until it happened to me!

Cleaned out both knitting bags. Okay, actually there were three that I've stashed things into, to cut down on the visibility. Found some interesting lint and some needle point protectors I didn't know were missing. Cleaned out my purse. Headed out to the car (seeing as how I'd taken them to church with me for show and tell. Really, show and tell. And if it had been dark enough I might have taken them out during one of the services...). Checked on the floor in three most suspect rooms. Wondered with pounding heart if they had been used in a teeth cleaning ritual. Decided to check between couch cushions. There is was, quietly waiting to be found.

I think I get it now. Losing a needle is a big deal.

Conveniently, guess what came in the mail today? A "win" from ebay!

Maybe that will help me stay organized.

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Dale said...

The double-pointed needles I'm using now were bought while on vacation in another state. I love them and don't know where to get them around here in the event I break or lose them. I get a little nervous about that!