Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What is so great about Socks?!

I don't have many photos of finished knitting. Here is a cabled pom pom hat on Paige. It so suits her personality! The cable was scary until I did it. Very cool to watch it come together.

Ugh - I've been knitting this beautiful cranberry sock yarn for hours. I go around (and around and around) and it's still only about an inch of ribbing. At this point, I'm thinking about casting off and making it a bracelet.

Or a cat collar.

Speaking of cat...

This is the infamous cat sweater of notoriety.

And this is a knitted mouse which I have no excuse for. It was just fun. Please do not attempt to analyze any knitting project.

Back to the socks... I visited a LYS last week, and the staff there was just SO excited about socks. I was gifted the sock yarn above - or cat collar yarn, take your pick - so to see sock yarn for sale at $10.95/ball was disturbing... And one errant toss into the washer... well, we'll just say that I don't quite get it.

And if that isn't bad enough, I made a very bad decision and touched some yarn hanging there that was ... well, it defies description in softness. Happened to check out the label - it was cashmere. And $36.95. My yarn mentor didn't bat an eye and told me about some yarn that costs so much more than that, I think you need to declare it on your homeowners insurance.
If I listen hard enough, I think that cashmere yarn is calling me. I may have to visit it again soon.


Suzanne said...

Go Socks!!!
By the time that February rolls around you will be really happy that you perservered.

And then you can make them for your knitted mouse. And live cat. And children.

Mollie said...

What about the cat claws? Perhaps leg warmers would be more appropo.