Monday, August 27, 2007

Plans go awry in Myrtle Beach

*Sigh. Didn't make the yarn store. For very good reason, though, I might add. My youngest came down with a nasty fever the day before we left and it remained throughout the entire vacation - from 100.4 to 102.8 - despite all our best efforts and an emergency doctors visit and antibiotics. On the up-side, she did great with all of it. She was able to go to the beach, pool, shopping, even the wave park with friends (check back later for photos).

Turns out, after a visit to our home pediatrician, that she probably had "walking pneumonia" and has already responded pretty well to the change of antibiotic.

Craig and I actually did head out briefly, picked up a few souvenirs for those saints watching our geriatric dog while we were away, and I only changed my mind about 8 times about wanting to go to the yarn store (let's go, no we probably shouldn't, oh let's go anyway, we should go home, etc). I am married to a very patient man - not even a breath of frustration when I finally called it off for the final time.

But while we were on our way home, I think I could hear that cashmere from our LYS calling my name. Or perhaps it was my stomach growling, I'm not sure.

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